Wall Mural Photo Wallpaper Skyscraper, building e world u43715
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Skyscraper, building e world Nr. u43715

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Delivery UPS Standard 4-7 business days We deliver by UPS courier Safe shopping You will receive the goods or we will refund the money Designer services Free photo editing by a professional designer Convenient payment methods PayPal, Visa, Master Card
Please note: The images and colours of the items shown may vary slightly from those shown on the website. This depends on the resolution and settings of your monitor, as well as the lighting conditions when taking pictures.
Delivery UPS Standard 4-7 business days We deliver by UPS courier Convenient payment methods PayPal, Visa, Master Card Designer services Free photo editing by a professional designer Safe shopping You will receive the goods or we will refund the money

Product questions

How to Measure the Wall For an Order?
To properly measure your wall, use the instruction

We recommend adding 6-10 cm to the width and height, as the walls are not always perfectly even
How Will My Order be Cut?
You will receive your wallpaper in the dimensions you specified when placing your order.

The canvas will be divided into convenient strips, up to 50 cm wide.
Does the Wallpaper Come in Rolls?
We do not use mass production techniques. We print the image using large format printing technology at the time of order, taking into account all the specifications of our customers.

This way, you will receive your wallpaper already cut into rolls, neatly packed up for delivery.
Is it Non-woven Wallpaper?
Yes, all our wallpapers have a non-woven backing, but Vinyl and Vinyl Premium textures have a thin layer of vinyl coating, which embossed the wallpaper and gives it wear resistance and strength.
What is Vinyl Coating?
Vinyl coating is a thin layer of PVC that is applied to a non-woven base.

Vinyl makes the wallpaper durable, resistant to damage, and also allows them to be wiped with a damp sponge.

In addition, vinyl makes the surface of the wallpaper embossed, similar to linen fabric.
Which Material Should I Choose?
It depends on the room you plan to wallpaper.

For kids' rooms and bedrooms, the Economy material is best suited, as it passes air better.

For bathrooms and kitchens, Premium Vinyl is best, as it has an additional lacquer coating that allows it to repel moisture and dirt and is easy to clean.

For other rooms, we recommend Vinyl or Premium Vinyl, as they combine high wear resistance and color saturation.
What Is Premium Printing
Premium printing makes images with perfect colour reproduction and prevents colour fade.
Can Wallpaper Be Washed?
You can use a slightly damp sponge only on Vinyl and Premium Vinyl materials.

The protective coating on the Premium Vinyl material also allows the use of mild detergent.

The Economy material can be gently wiped with a dry soft cloth or sponge. We do not recommend using wet cleaning products.
Is the Surface of the Wallpaper Matt or Gloss?
The surface of our Economy range of wallpapers is matt. All other surfaces have a satin finish.
I Need Waterproof Wallpaper. Which Material Should I Choose?
In this case you need to choose the Vinyl Premium finish.
Are Materials Hazardous to Human Health?
All materials that we use are completely safe for human and pet health.

Order Delivery

How Can I Track The Delivery of My Order?
You can follow the status of your order by its tracking number on the UPS website. We send the tracking number to the e-mail that you specified in the order. Please check your spam folder if you don't see our messages or email us at [email protected].
My Order Has Not Been Delivered Yet, What Should I Do?
After you have placed an order on our website, as a rule, within 2-3 days the order is made and sent for delivery. After that, you will receive an email with a tracking number to follow the status of your order on the UPS website. Please estimate the delivery time according to the delivery time of the carrier. If we have exceeded the processing and delivery time for your order, please contact us at [email protected].
I Don't Live in the USA, Can I Still Order?
We deliver to all countries of the world, yes, you are welcome to request delivery to any country.
Who Will Deliver My Order?
Within the UK, USA and Europe, our packages are shipped via UPS.
How Much Does Shipping Cost for My Order?
UPS Standard: 5-10 working days.

Order Payment

How Can I Pay For an Order?
We offer you the following payment methods:

Credit card
You can pay for your order by entering your card details on our website. It is absolutely safe, we do not store your card details.

You can pay for the order using the PayPal payment system directly in the cart or from the product card.
Can I Choose to Pay on Delivery?
No, payment on delivery is currently not available.
Are Payments on the Website Safe?
All online transactions are carried out through a secure internet connection and encrypted during processing, we do not store your card details. For more information visit our privacy policy.
Where Should I Enter the Promo Code?
The promo code is entered in the shopping cart at checkout.
How Can I Get a Promo Code?
Subscribe to the newsletter on our website. In the mailing list, we often send secret promotional codes for placing an order.
Can I Use Multiple Promo Codes in My Order?
You can only use one promo code at checkout.
Can the Promo Code Discount be Combined With Discounts on the Website?
If at the moment there are promotions or discounts on the website, they will work together with the use of a promotional code.


How Many Rolls of Wallpapers do I Need?
We make wallpaper strictly according to your measurements. When ordering, you only need to specify the size of the wall you want to wallpaper. Next, we will produce and send you a wallpaper canvas of your size, divided into convenient strips, up to 50 cm wide inclusive.
How Much Paste do I Need?
You can buy paste along with wallpaper on our website. In this case, we will calculate the amount of paste you need based on the total area of your order. One pack of our paste is enough for 10m2.

If you would rather buy paste in another store, you can calculate the required amount based on the area of your order and the instructions for that particular paste.
How to Dilute Paste?
Pour cold water into the bucket based on 1.7 liters per 1 package of paste.

Start stirring the water, forming a whirlpool. Only after that, begin slowly pouring all the paste from the package into the water and continue mixing.

Wait for 10 minutes, then mix it again. Now the paste is ready to use.

Important: If you want to use another manufacturer's glue, follow the instructions on the package to prepare it.
What Kind of Paste is Needed for Wallpapering?
When purchasing our wallpapers, we suggest you add paste to the order, which is ideal for applying our photo wallpapers.

If you want to buy paste in another store, you need non-woven wallpaper paste.
Is Paste Included in the Order?
You can purchase paste along with wallpaper in our store. We will calculate the quantity you need based on the size of your wallpaper.
How to Paste Wallpaper?
We will send you detailed wallpapering instructions with your order. You can also read the instructions on our website.
Is Paste Applied to the Wall or Wallpaper?
Paste must be applied only to the wall.
How Long Will Wallpaper Dry?
Most often, the wallpaper dries completely within 24 hours. But there are cases when more time may be needed.

This happens if you are gluing vinyl-coated non-woven wallpaper on a thick wall that does not breathe well.
Does the Wallpaper Need to be Pasted End to End or Overlapped?
It depends on the height of the wallpaper.
Wallpapers up to 3 m 60 cm high must be glued end-to-end.
Wallpaper over 3 m 60 cm in height is pasted with an overlap, followed by cutting the joint already on the wall.
Which Tools are Needed For Wallpapering?
For wallpapering you will need:
- bucket for mixing glue
- pen or pencil for marking the wall
- stationery knife
- sponge or pressure roller
- paint roller for applying glue to the wall
- putty knife
- level

Here you can read detailed instructions for wallpapering.

Return and Exchange

Can I Exchange My Order?
You can exchange your order if you receive a defective or damaged item.

In such a case, you must send the order back to us. We will produce and send you new wallpapers for free to replace the defective ones.

Attention: Please carefully inspect the wallpaper upon receipt and before sticking, as we will not be able to exchange wallpaper that has been pasted on the wall. Also, please remember that you have 14 days to return.
I Have Received a Defective Item. What Should I do?
Within 14 days after receiving the wallpaper, you can exercise your right to exchange or return. To do this, contact us by mail. Our manager will explain how to proceed in this case.
How to Make a Refund?
You can refund the money for the order within 14 days after receiving the goods in case you received a defective or damaged product.

To do this, please contact us by mail. Our manager will explain how to proceed in this case.
Which Product is Considered Defective
The following shall be considered defective:
- wallpapers that have different colors on different tiles;
- damaged or torn wallpaper;
- you have received an incomplete order;
- you received the image that you have not ordered.

Design and visualization

Can I Order Wallpaper With My Photo?
You can email us at [email protected] to order wallpaper from your photo.
Can You Change the Image (Remove Elements or Change Colors)?
Yes, our designers can find images that match your request, as well as add or remove certain elements in the photo, change colors or change saturation. Write us an email or comment in the order.
How Can I Get Free Visualization of My Interior?
Please choose the wallpaper that you like and fill out the form for visualization, which is located in the "Visualization in the interior" tab

To do this, you will need a photo of the room where you would like to place the wallpaper.

Problems with ordering

I Have Not Received an Order Confirmation. What Should I do?
This happens due to a technical glitch. Please send us an email to receive confirmation of your order from our manager.
I Have Not Received an Order Confirmation. What Should I do?
This happens due to a technical glitch. Please send us an email to receive confirmation of your order from our manager.
Can I Change or Cancel My Order?
You can make changes or cancel your order before it has been sent to print. As a rule, this happens a few hours after placing an order on the website.

Contact our mail manager to find out if you can make changes to the order. Please write as soon as you find an error in the order.
How to Track the Status of My Order?
We send notifications to the mail that you mention when placing an order about all changes in the status of your order.

If you don't see the emails, check your spam folder. You can also email to our manager with any questions you may have.

Skyscraper, building e world

Nr. u43715
Price from 2.88 $/sq ft
Free Visualisation of Your Interior
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Skyscraper, building e world

Nr. u43715
Price from 2.88 $/sq ft
How to get a free visualization?

Take a picture of the part of the room where you plan to hang the wallpaper. Submit your photo using this form. Our designers will make a free visualization in the interior according to your wishes.

You can upload a photo in one of these formats: jpeg, jpg, png, gif. The file size must not exceed 32 MB.

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Price 2.88 $/sq ft