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Wall mural Palm leaves in pink gold

Wall mural Palm leaves in pink gold, No. u53252


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You can customize the selected image according to your needs and preferences. You can set the size and borders of the image, select the material to be printed and add additional color effects on the product page. On the image you can see a rectangle bounded by a dash line - this will be your future photo wallpaper with the sizes you entered in "Step 1". Move this frame over the image until you are completely satisfied with the image in the frame. The final product is the selected part of the image.

The best water resistant is the washable vinyl photo wallpaper with fleece. The surface of these textures can be covered with moisture-resistant paint. These textures may therefore be wiped with a damp cloth.

The photo wallpapers are safely packed in a tube. Detailed instructions for applying the photo wallpaper comes in addition to the wallpaper itself.

Lamination gives the wallpaper an attractive appearance, enhances their shine and improves characteristics. The coating helps to protect the surface from moisture and fungus as well as from peeling off the upper layer. Additional lamination of the surface is important if you want to use the wallpaper in high humidity. This also expands the potential of photo wallpapers: you can stick them on the walls of the bathroom or on the working area in the kitchen.

It is recommended to use only the latest eco-friendly technology of latex printing, which is 100% safe for health and has no smell. Ink bleeding is almost impossible.

No. Large tracks are divided into smaller, equal lanes. If you want a different layout, please write this in the comments to the order or inform the manager when placing the order.

At larger sizes, it is worthwhile to order photo wallpaper with exaggerated size, for example, + 2 cm from each side. The walls are not always perfectly flat and the measurement may be somewhat inaccurate, which is especially the case with large surfaces. It is better to have more material and then cut something off than too little.

Both types of printing provide bright and clear colors on photo wallpapers, which are insensitive to mechanical stress and do not bloom. We only use eco-friendly inks that are virtually odorless and harmless to health. Standard printing technology uses pigmented inks. Premium printing is differentiated by the use of UV inks, which provide more intense colors and shades on photo wallpapers.

One-time order is primarily a way to print each image in the right size. The buyer selects the motif, can provide his own image, chooses the fabric type, the desired size and printing style. All products are manufactured by our skilled workers on our own production facilities, so we control the quality on every production step. Our manager communicates with the customer from image selection to delivery to the right address. Please note that the «uniqueness» of the order has no influence on its final price.

Yes, we also have the cash on delivery option. The package is transported to the recipient and handed out for payment. There is no need to pay in advance. So you pay only after you have looked at the product quality and are satisfied with it.

Please note that cash on delivery incurs the additional costs.

The photo wallpapers are to be applied to the walls. Their surfaces should be flat, smooth and degreased. The wall should not be freshly plastered and primed. An exception is the «gloss» texture, which is self-adhesive and can be applied to any flat surface.

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For your convenience, we have created many thematic catalogs that we regularly update, taking into account the latest innovations and trends in interior design, as well as the choices and preferences of our clients. If you can’t find a suitable image in these catalogs, please contact our managers, who will assist the customer every day in choosing the optimal variant for their interiors. Please also remember that you can provide us with your own image in good quality for printing. You can read here how it works.

The package will be sent in a robust tube with the help of DPD transport company. After shipping you will receive an email with the tracking number.

All photo wallpapers are matt. The gloss effect is achieved by painting the photo wallpaper.

We have a great team of professionals who like to realize your dream into reality. The designer services are absolutely free.

It should be noted that the colors, the image and the application of graphic filters have no influence on the final price of the product. The final price of the photo wallpaper is made up of the following components: canvas size, fabric type, printing, varnishing and additional glue. Please note that the shipping method also affects the total cost of the order. In the "Prices" section, you can find out more about the types of fabric and their prices, and calculate the price of photo wallpaper online based on their size and other characteristics.

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