KLW Sp z o.o's hygiene certificate attests to the quality and safety of our products. We meet all the requirements, regarding the production of wallpaper, so that our customers can be calm and confident in the safety of the materials used.

The certificate contains the following information:
The product listed in the certificate complies with the hygiene requirements.
The certificate is issued by the National Institute of Public Health.

The smell that may occur during the production and installation of the wall murals is a natural phenomenon due to the type of materials used for wallpaper printing. According to the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health, after applying the wall murals, the room should be aired until the smell disappears completely.


The above certificate states that the vinyl and fleece wallpaper we produce is safe, so there are no objections to using it in any type of room. We have been carrying out hygiene assessments since 2008.